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vaseline! vaseline! and more vaseline!!!!! it turns the patches pink and heals from the center outwards within a few days ,week max u will see the new psoriosis free skin appear before your eyes! it must be pure petrolium jelly, best applied to wet skin but not esential to the treatment, wen bathing gently rub away excess skin with a cloth, the apply, continue application throughout the day 4,5 times if necesary,reducing to once daily as you see fit!!! enjoy been free of this pain in the ass condition and huge doctors bills, imagine wot is vaseline, very very cheap give it a go, u can thank me later xxxxsarah xxxx

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Emma from London

I'm going to give it a go. I've given you a rating of seven, because I'm already hopeful. I know that mineral oil already softens my scalp psoriasis, so nice thick petroleum jelly should do the trick too. Thanks.


Can I use it for the scalp?


I use this for my eczema I get the walgreens kind with shea butter because shea is good as well. It helps the healing as soon as it flares up!!!! I hope this can work for psoriasis.


hi srah...just wanted to know,if this can work on scalp as well??


Thanks Sarah- I gave it a try and it has been a little over a week and the P on the calf of my leg is almost gone. At first I was sceptacle, because it seems like such an easy fix but it really does work! You would think dermatologists would have this information. Maybe it is all a big scam with the drug companies to make the big $$!! The steroid meds they gave me just seemed to risky to be taking over a long term basis, since there is no cure for P, i wanted to find an alternative remedy. It would be nice to find something for my scalp!! Thanks again Sarah :)


Thank you Sarah! I read your post yesterday and went out and bought some vaseline. It has been amazing. In one day my knees and elbows went from scaley and cracking and hurting to smooth. They are still red, but it has only been one day. Wow, I can't believe this treatment was right under my nose and sooo cheap!


Im going to try this~ Just wanted to let you know about a scalp treatment, I started using Dr Miracles grow oil and shampoo. They are for ethnic hair but it works for the flaking and psoriasis. They are about 8 dollars a piece and you can get them in sallys beauty store or walmart. It really has helped me.


I tried the vaseline, it was amazing to begin with, but then my body seemed to get used to it. I will persist with it. I gave it 1 week and went back to prescribed cream. The difference in one day was so great that I will return and try it again. Thanks.

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