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hi, this is for all the young gals there,you tend to put on n loose weight because of your eating habits,stretch marks are not in one night they develop,to prevent stretch marks firstly u should change your sleepin habits,DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR CHEST OR ON STOMACH.MAKE IT A POINT THAT U SLEEP STRAIGHT ON YOUR BACK.

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that is not true at all. How you sleep has nothing to do with stretch marks.


I think she means to prevent wrinkles--the japanese/chinese say to sleep on back to prevent facial wrinkles, but it doesnt have anything to do with stretchmarks.


If that were the problem, I certainly wouldn't have any.


No shes actually right. I always sleep on my stomach and ive tweaked my skin in ways that have caused me more stretch marks. How do I know this. I wake up in the middle of the night from a burning sensation only to find bleeding stretch marks. You can hurt yourself. But wearing soft clothing helps A LOT. You weaken your skin so it makes sense


Makes sense because bones in your butt especially begin to wear-out when not used for quite sometime which may be as a result of lying down most of the time. As a result of this, i believe you start developing stretch marks on your butt when you begin sitting for long hrs after the former act.


While I'm not sure if how sleep can give you stretch marks, by sleeping on your back you will cause yourself to have spine problems. Fixing stretch marks is much cheaper than getting your spine back into place. Sleeping on your side is much better for you because it keeps your spine in a relaxed, natural position.


to the person above me... no...... you can't cause stretch marks on your butt by sitting.
obviously it's not good to sit on your butt all day, but to put it delicately your butt is basically just two lumps of fat and tissue. no bone.


if you sit for a long time, then your not exercising, and if your eating while sitting, duh, thats probably why you get stretch marks when you sit too much. but just the act of sitting doesnt give you stretch marks.

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