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i had a plantar wart on the side of my middle toe that i treated with salicylic acid wart remover pads for 6 weeks with no success.

then i came across this site and read about countless success stories with apple cider vinegar, cotton balls and duct tape. within 3 days the wart turned black and after one week of diligently taping a cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar with duct tape around my toe, my wart has gone away!

but unlike many others who have posted here, my experience was rather painful. i woke up every night for the first 5 nights with a terrible throbbing pain in my toe. it was excruciating. but come morning when i removed the tape, it would start to feel better. i think the pain is indicative of the vinegar penetrating deep into the wart and 'suffocating' it.

even though it was really quite painful, i recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to rid his/her feet of these nasty persistent plantar warts. thank goodness for this site! i'm truly grateful.

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Paul F.

I fully agree with this post.
I too found that no 'over the counter' remedies had worked (after many tries) so I reffered to this site for ideas. I used plain malt vinegar on a cotton ball and taped this to my wart with duct tape, changing the cotton daily. After a few days I found the burning pain from the vinegar was more than simply putting up with the wart, but I wanted rid of so I persisted with the teratment. I continued for 6 days, until I could take no more pain. I had to hobble around because it was so painfull.
The wart turned grey/black and as I bathed and washed, over the next 4 weeks, the wart simply went. Fantastic! And so worth the few days of moderate pain.
I am so greatful to the people who have left their own experiences. It has definitely help me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


you may have felt more pain than the others because your wart was on your toe. I have had planter warts ever since I was a little kid (like 8 years old) and im 20 now. The only ones that ever hurt me were on the more sensitive part of my feet, like my toes.

Well anyway like ive said ive had warts since I was about eight, and i was able to get rid of them my sophmore year of highschool, and they stayed gone for a good three years. but now they're back, and i have never tried the ACV thing, but after reading all of this i think im going to have to!

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