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I hear that fleas are attracted to light/white...Haven't tried it myself yet but, a friend did. Put/get a night light low to the a bowl of dawn dish soap below it and supposedly fleas will jump to the light only to fall into their own bowl of soapy death!!

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yes this is so true...i have done this before and it does work. I bout a few night lights from the dollar store along with square foil pans and i fill half way with water and add dish soap and it works great.


this does work but you don't even have to but soap just a bowl of water under a night light and they will die


This does work as we are doing it right now to get rid of fleas.


I find that the light is irrelevant to this trap. It ATTRACTS nothing, but fleas hop around all the time. Set a bowl of soap water down and fleas are bound to jump into it. Especially in high-traffic locale. Just put down several pie-dishes of soap water and it will aid in killing off SOME of your infestation, and give you a good perspective on how many you have.


This works because the fleas are attracted to the warmth of the light. I have done it and am always excited to see the little buggers floating in the water in the morning. I use lemon scented soap in the water. an a low but wide bowl.

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