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I experience ear clogging often (as I refuse to stick q-tips or foreign objects into my ears to 'clean' them...I hear most often that q-tips can actually push wax further down the canal)
I have read other remedies that include pouring liquids of sorts into the ear canal, this is also out of the question for me.
I have found that a trip to the Doc is not necessary providing the clog has not gone to far or too long.
What works for me???
I think the heat loosens stuff up
and the constant swallowing pulls it out
Anyhow worked for me!!!
If it persists and you are a big suck like me who refuses to stick anything in the ears, GO to the Doc before it gets worse....and it CAN get really really PAINFUL!!. Let the Doc flush it out....This has worked for me in more extreme cases

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Yes ALI, drinking lots of fluids certainly helps to keep the phlegm/congestion diluted and therefore more free running and less likely to stick and continue clogging tubes up. Green Tea is good for this.

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