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Anthony in Utah

This home remedy truly works for dry socket!

Needed supplies:
* Clove Oil & * Syringe or cotton swabs/gauze.

I got my bottom right wisdom tooth pulled on Friday. I felt better by Sunday night with no pain. Then, starting Monday I got sharp, throbbing pains coming from inside the socket. I shined the light in the hole and I see a white thing, which if I am right, is the bone without the blood clot. I was hurting so bad by today, Wednesday, and my Aunt gave me a small bottle of this clove oil...which is like her fragence for her potpurri.. I didn't know you could put this in your mouth.. haha anyways I got a medicine syringe and put it in the clove oil bottle and got just enough for about 2-3 drops... and put it DIRECTLY in the hole...It burned for about 2-3 minutes AND INSTANT PAIN RELIEF! It no longer hurts and I'm shocked that it just numbed the entire area! Even my lip feels numb..don't get any on your lips! That bbbbuuurrrns!

This home remedy truly works and now I don't even have to pay for a dentist visit!! The clove oil doesn't taste too horrible...but not pleasant either..leaves your mouth with a clean fragrance though!

Hope this helps others out there! - anthony

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