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During the winter my family has alot of chest congestion and sinus stuffieness. So my family, for the past 4 or 5 generations came up with their own remedy. Fill an eight or ten ounce glass half full of coca cola, put in three shots of jack daniels whisky, and drop in a peppermint. Just smelling it will clear your sinuses, and drinking it clears out congestion. It also has helped my grandmother clear out flem in her lungs when she had pneumonia. :)

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A 'Jack and Coke', seriously?

Ready to sleep

I am up late and would love to breathe again so I can rest peacefully. I tried a combo deal. I did the salt nasal flush remedy and had a sprite, whiskey and peppermint schnapps:-) This was the fix for me!


This worked for my fiance. We used evan williams but we noticed a big difference in a little over an hour. Thank you for sharing.

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