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Please keep in mind any remedies such as vaseline, hot matches, nail polish remover, etc- could actually make things worse. Anything that might cause 'shock' to the tick could result in the tick purging (that's the same as vomiting) the contents of its body into your bloodstream, infecting you with any number of diseases. Please just safely and quickly remove the tick with tweezers, cleanse the bite and watch for the symptoms of tick related sickness.

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The Safety Guy

Take a cotton ball and put liquid detergeant on it. Tape it over the tick. The tick will loose it's air and back out. Once it backs out it will get tangled in the fibers of the cotton ball. Then take the cotton ball (with the tick in it) in to the local doctor to be checked for diseases.

It's an easy safe way to get the tick out without burning it with a match or getting chemical burns from nail polish.


That makes alot of sence about the dish soap.Thank you for that infro.,cause I had 3 on me today!:(

Shaun Dunn


Here in Aus we don't have Lyme Disease but we do have plenty of Paralysis ticks which can be fatal for pets or livestock, even humans if ignored. Tweezers are NOT a good idea as you tend to squeeze the tick (pumping more crap in ) or leave the head behind which can get seriously infected. On yourself use heat (match-ciggy whatever) or fly spray, both are effective and cause the tick (or leach) to drop off without problems. You can also remove leeches with straight salt if available. Use heat on a child only as a last resort but then if nothing else is available realistically the chance of a very small burn verses added poison is a no contest in my opinion


Those that left comments on this suggeston apprently 'don't get it.' First, the soap causes the tick to agitate (you would too if your head was held under water or soap!) and can eject more bacteria into the wound. As for tweezers, you are refering to the WRONG way they are used. Correct removal with tweezers (the ONLY safe method) is to use very fine tweezers close to the mouth and NOT on the body. Gently pull them outward over 30 to 60 seconds until the mouth slowly releases. NO contents of the gut will be released into the wound. Only people who grab the ticks abdomen and squeeze will push bacteria into the wound.

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