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To help calm hives while your body gets rid of whatever substance that caused them, you can try remedy to help reduce swelling. I got the idea from another home remedy for mosquito bites, where posters said that putting tape over a mosquito bite stops itching and swelling.

I get hives on my face a lot, for some unknown reason, and rather than using tape which probably has some nasty chemicals in it, I use tissue paper. What you do is you take two pieces of double-sheet tissue paper (plain unscented kind) and rip out a square the size of the affected area. Take both pieces together and wet it down until it is soggy but don't crumple it up. Carefully place the tissue over the affected area, making sure theres no air bubbles. The tissue paper should stick to the skin, causing enough surface tension to stop the skin from expanding (swelling) further and as the water evaporates it will cool the skin which will also help the swelling and itching.

The key here is to get it on early, before the swelling gets too bad, and wet the tissue once it dries out.

It works best on hives that are spread out, 1 piece per hive. You can also apply something under the tissue paper to keep the skin from drying out (your natural skin oil is water-soluble so your skin can dry out under the tissue). I like to use emu oil for its anti-inflammatory properties. To further speed the process, sit in front of a fan. This is not the fastest remedy in the world; it needs at least 30 minutes to work and sometimes longer if the swelling is bad, but its something that can help overnight if you do it before you go to sleep.

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