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ok i am not going to tell you this will cure you... but i know it helps me prevent black heads and acne...

we learned this in modeling class... take one egg... use only the whites... smear the egg whites on your skin and let it sit untill it is dry... you will know because it is very tight... try not to move cause if you do it wont stay as tight on your skin...
then wash off....

i prefer to wash with head and sholders...

the egg tightens your pors and helps prevent future breakouts... i do it like once a week (on my beauty night)

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Rachel B.

i've done this! it made my skin so soft.=D


This totally works! One day, I put egg whites on my face three times that one day for twenty minutes each time. I needed a clear face. By the third time my acne was almost completely gone. I 100% recommend this treatment!


are you supposed wash it with warm or cold water or does it not matter?

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