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I once read in a book that eating honey is good for balding. I once had thinning hair but now I have a full head of hair. If you have just dry hair, honey will make it softer and smoother. I put honey in my tea, oatmeal, on bread, etc. I even eat it straight using a spoon. I go through a 48 oz jar in about three days. If you have a lot of hair loss, it will take some time to get a full head of hair. Just keep at it. (Unless you have a disease, in which case I don't know if it will work.) But for most people it should work. Just don't eat too much at once, it will make you feel nauseous.

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Does it matter the type of honey? Does it have to be organic

A Salman

Honey is a natural cure to many things.


now that you mention it, i never have see a bald bee


Hey there Pooh, do you know where Tigger's at?

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