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Think about it as the irritation & blistering are the result of the oil from the poison ivy plant binding to the layer of my skin
My latest home remedy:
1) Make a pultice:
a) 1 tbsp. instant oatmeal (any kind) what
b. 1 tbsp. table salt (rock salt best)
c. 1 tsp. baking soda
d. 1 - 2 tbsp. vinegar

2. Take a hot shower and wash with soap. Use something to scrub the areas and lots of soap. Rinse well. Now, use the mixture and rub and scrub on areas. Look for small new spots. Exfloliate and dry well. (Use it like sandpaper)

3) Use just the liquid part of the mixture to spread a light layer over areas. Air dry or use a fan. .
4) Wrap the large blistered skin areas with plastic wrap!! Yes, plastic wrap for about 2 hours.

4) Went to sleep it was bedtime. The next morning I was shocked! This worked so well for me!!! I was only left with the dark, dry areas .... NO MORE BLISTERS. YEA!!! Keep it clean. I just used the liquid part of mix the next day to be sure! I patted in on all areas. Let it dry.

I usually have to go to the doctor for steriod shot or table dose pack.

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That was amazing. I washed with my detox wash then I scrubbed with my detox sea salt scrub. The I scrubbed with the oatmeal, salt & baking soda. It was exhilerating & amazing. I have put the vinegar and saran wrap on. I will see how I feel in a couple hours. I have to leave for Vegas in the morning and if this works the person who recommemded this should get a medal. Especially a hub from me. I may have to do it one more time to the ones I did not do well but if the big ones are gone and the itching and burning are gone! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh


I find that hot water is very effective for reducing the itch and pain. It also helps to open up the blisters so drainage can occur.

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