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this helps me alot when i get a cold it not a cure but it helps and it gets you back on your feet my dad alawys gave it to me and its not one bit harmful. this is what you'll need:
. quarter-cup boiling water
.2 tsp of lemon juice
.12 tsp cayyene pepper
.1 cushed clove of garlic
.1 tsp of honey

just mix them all together and drink!

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this helped me very much thank you


also used as a laxative. fyi


This helped me so much dude.Thanks!!!


just tried it....we'll see. my sinuses are all cleared up...that's for sure. is it supposed to be 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne. cause that's all i did.

at the moment my stomach is upset. i'll comment back later.


my crappy cough that hurt like heck is gone. i believe this is a success. thank youuuuu


***Warning*** 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper-not 12 tsp. Big Mistake!!!


Horrible taste, almost made me hurl but its the instant cure for colds! thanks!


I have to say, despite the burning in my throat (and probably down the whole line later- if you catch my drift), after two sips of this concoction my sinuses were nearly clear. I could feel the tingle in my ears too! I imagine that with the cayenne, garlic, and honey this could be used as a preventative measure too. I will definitely use this again.

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