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I get stiffness/tension in my trapezius muscle (neck/shoulder area) a lot and the following stretch helps every time.

I'll use myself as an example to avoid left-right confusion. At the moment I have tension along the left side of that area. I'm sitting in a straight-backed chair. Breathing slowly & deeply, I slowly tilt my head to the right so that my right ear is closer to my right shoulder. Then I rotate my face downward (I might look a little like I'm trying to smell my armpit- oh, well). Then, if that's not enough, I grab the bottom of the chair with my left hand and gently pull upward. I continue breathing slowly & deeply for at least 5 seconds, sometimes longer, then repeat on the other side.
Ahh, that's better.

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Thank you it really did work.

simon works thanks!


This really worked! After a few seconds I felt the muscle relax and stretch. After that the pain was almost gone and it did not come back. Thank You.


Amazing! I've done the ear to shoulder (actually I do this daily) but the armpit sniff gave me results!! Who'da thunk it ;)


This stiff neck started last night and I have been moving like a robot since then. Just now I tried the right ear - right shoulder- arm smelling stuff and waoooo my neck is gradually moving. Will repeat it few times and see if it will permanently go. thanks


Wow, it works. Had it all morning, read this, tried it and relief. Thank you doctor.


I felt such pain I couldn't move without crying :'/...but now I tried it and I feel so much better ..there still pain but not enough to make me cry


Thank you!!!!!!!!!! This worked!!!

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