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Tiffany Alford

I am seventeen years old, and I have been suffering with migranes since I was about 12 or 13 years old. One day, I had stayed home from school and was by myself and had to come up with a way to get my migrane to go away. I took my imatrex and that just made me throw up. I took pamprin, which did nothing. Finally, I looked through all of our herbal hot teas and mixed four packets together. Lemon ginger, tropical green tea with pineapple, green tea with camomil, and lemon and spice. It may sound disgusting, but if ur a hot tea drinker, it was delicious. I also had made myself a huge bowl of chicken noodle soup. That seemed to help out a great deal.

I hope my remedy works for you all. It definatly worked for me!

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Think it may the fact you threw up that kick started your digestive sytem and this helps to relieve your migraine


It was probably the ginger and chamomile that did it for you. Next time, try one at a time, first the ginger and then the chamomile. Wait about 30 minutes between each one. It if something is going to work it will usually do so within 30 minutes. This way you can tell which one it was. If the ginger didn't work first,try the chamomile first the next time; wait 30 minutes to see if that works. If not then drink the ginger. Then you will know which one worked or if it was actually the combination of the two. I know its a drawn out process, but I bet its worth it to get rid of those migraines.

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