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1. first of all, if you have a nasty pimp that is red, sore, has a 'head' on it and it needs to be popped. POP IT!

2. Wash your face with Dial Anti-bacterial soap. Repeat as necessary, especially if you are a woman that wears make-up.

3. Use a daily scrub. I use Clean&Clear-Blackhead Clearing Scrub. (just follow the direction on the bottle.)

4. Then use an astringent and cotton ball. i use Avon Clearskin-purifying astringent blackhead clearing formula but i am sure any astringent will do just fine.

5. (this one is weird, but trust me it works) now for that nasty pimple you just popped-- place a few drops of VISINE on a Q-tip and rub on the pimple. if you have more than one pimple you may want to use more than one Q-tip. it may sting a little but not bad. as the visine drys, your pimple and skin around your pimple will start to feel tight. don't worry this is normal.

i only recommend using the VISINE treatment at bed time. in my experience and depending on the size of the pimple, the pimple is 'dried up' and GONE the next morning-no redness, no swelling, no nasty looking sore on your face from popping the pimple. you may see a white flacky place where the pimple WAS, which comes off easily just by washing your face.

depending on how may pimples that you have and the size of them, you may have to repeat this process a few nights in a row. trust me, it really works.


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Wow that sounds like a good idea.. I have a lot of Visine left over from when I had dry eyes. I'll give it a try!


I just put visine on less than an hour ago and the redness and size of my pimple is ALREADY significantly smaller. It's even helping reduce the size of the pores on my nose.

AWESOME!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

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