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Kelly S

If you have a cold or allergy never 'sniff'. Blow your nose. By sniffing, you are pulling all that mucus and infection deeper and deeper into your sinus and can eventually clog your ears. An anit-inflammatory like Ibprofen or Advil can lessen the swelling of the inner ear which is preventing it from draining properly. The same goes for 'clicking' your jaw. You can do it every once in awhile if you feel you need to but overdoing can actaully make the swelling worse thus preventing the drainage. And laying on a heating pad, infection side down on the pad, can help with pain and ease the internal swelling. If the pain is unbearable or may be caused from Swimmer's Ear, see a doctor.

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Wrong! Blowing your nose forces that crap right into your eustacian tubes, infecting your inner ear!

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