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Kelly S.

How many of you use cell phones? When your phone is pressed to the side of your face, it comes in contact with the oils and makeup and stays on your phone, redepositing all that nasty stuff the next time you talk on it. Every few days, dampen a cotton ball with Rubbing Alcohol and swipe it over your phone, being sure to get in between the numbers on the keypad. Take a look at what you just mopped up!

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apparantly brainless

lol. I have never had an acne problem until recently. Nothing changed. Not my diet or face cleansing routine or make up type. I have been going nuts trying crazy cures because the acne is mainly only on one side of my face! now I haven't tried your remedy but it makes me feel hopeful..... and kinda silly since I am a neat freak. Thanks!


thanks for this post because the same toxins on your phone, is the same stuff you put on your face in the morning. I did this a few months ago. After I saw what was on my face, I hardly use make up or drink soda anymore. My skin cleared up tremendously.

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