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My gyno gave me a RX for 'Macrobid' which should be taken after Sex or at the first sign of a UTI pain/discomfort. They work great. It's an anti-biotic. Nothing else works...Cranberry juice doesn't do anything once you have the infection. It only helps prevent one but not cure it. URISTAT works great--turns your pee red because of the iodine, but helps alleviate pain within 35 minutes (I've timed it). Good luck.

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Cranberry juice DOES work once you have the infection as long as it is the unsweetened kind. Wait until you start having the cumulative side effects from all those antibiotics. Your obviously young. Learn to just say no to drugs now even the Rx kind. You will be much happier and healthier when you are older.

Best thing- right after sex, get up and pee. Drink lots of water and at the first sign take the cranberry tablets or unsweetened cranberry juice. Trust me- it works for even the worst cases.


my doctor prescribe me with macrobid capsules because my uti was very painful and they were concerned for my babys health so hopefully it does work.. im waiting to pick up my prescription from walgreens right now i have a ice pack on my abdomen keeping the pain down!


oh and cranberry isnt helping me either at this moment so ima go get macrobid!

once a month uti19

...only if you dont get a resistance to it....its ridiculous. im now allergic to the top uti meds, because doctors dont listen. home remedies work for me. azo cranberry seems to work good. but im dealing with an infection now, and i took the max amount of azo for it, and regular tabs of vit c. wish me luck!


I was prescribed this med and it gave me a crazy reaction, it woke me up in my sleep thinking evil things that were scary. I was allergic apparently. Beware of this med. I know everyone is different, but just take it carefully.


You're most likely one of those frigging pharmaceutical company reps trying to convince people that natural cures don't work. You know the type...whores that dress up in 'business suits' with really short skirts, that sashay into a doctor's office with a big briefcase, bat their eyelids at the doctor and shows him all the latest poisons created by the pharmaceutical industry, and promises him all those big commissions he'll get for pushing your poisons on people.


This anti biotic makes me hallucinate. I took the first pill and started hallucinating before it was time for the second pill. Beware!


Macrobid gave me very bad migraines, if this happens be sure to ask for Apo-Cephalex. I found with Macrobid due to my birth control method (Depo) it had a bad reaction. Just a suggestion for those if using that type of birth control.

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