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I have been plagued with canker sores since I was a young child (I am now 59) and I have tried everything. Though higher-powered mouthwashes with alcohol content in the 26% range gave me some relief (I'd have to hold it in my mouth 10-15 minutes and repeat this throughout the day), I've found what appears to be an outright cure for my canker sores: lysine in 500 mg tablets. These are cheap - about $4.50 per 100 - and I've not had a single canker sore in six months. I take only one per day. Before I'd get canker sores every couple of weeks. Eating something sharp, like a potato chip, was out of the question. Now I have no fear. For me, at least, lysine has been a total cure. If you're suffering, at least give it a try.

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you will need to keep taking them -- once you're off, you may have 4-6 months free of canker sores but after the lysine gets completely out of your system, they'll come back.


This works for me with boils. as long as the lysine is in my system 1-2 years for me, I don't get any. It works wonderful.


I started taking lysine because I would get a fever blister if I was in the sun or got a chill (usually corresponded with a certain time of the month). Thanks for the info. I have heard, though that it is good to take a break from lysine now and again just to give your system a rest. Lysine works!


Every turn of the season, I got huge cold sores and fever blisters that always threatened to destroy my social life because I would stay inside all day trying to think of what home remedy to use. L-Lysine 1000! I took 4000mg everyday and in 2 days, the fever blisters that usually last 2 weeks were gone. After that, I started using it to get rid of canker sores as well, it works like magic, and I still cannot believe it's not a proven treatment for these things. I bought the 500mg L-Lysine and I take one everyday now, as a dietary supplement.


L-lysine does work. I ran out of the L-lysine and now have an awful canker sore. Made a definite believer out of me. I am back on it. Great stuff.


The best drug in my opinion is Triamcinolone Acetonide, availabe from most pharmacies. It goes under different brand names in different countries, it heals up the ulcer very fast, best to use overnight.

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