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Dawn Sims

This is going to sound CRAZY but trust me it works. If you get a ringworm take a plain sheet of notebook paper, crinkle it up into a loose ball and place it on a glass plate. Light the paper on fire and let it burn until you see the oil on the plate. Immediately apply the oil to the ringworm and it will be gone overnight. I grew up in the country and always got them and it was a no fail system. Thanks.:)

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Thanks for the info, but why does the paper have to be loosely balled up and some say let it burn done and blow away the ashes and use the yellow residue left behind. What do you say?


ring worm is a fungus, because of the way it infects the skin(causing scabbing to the top several layers of skin) you can kill it overnight, but the ring will take at least 3 days to disipate. Natural fungisides may be more effective.


I'm assuming it should be loosely balled up because it will burn better that way.


does this really work?i hope this isn't a joke or prank.


So are we supposed to apply the oil or the ash cuz there is a lot of ash....not so much oil. How did u stumble upon this? Who thinks of that?


We always used a brown paper bag like we used to get groceries in.Dont crinkle the paper to much it has to be pretty close to the plate for the oil to deposit.It burns like heck but it works.


lol how can u get oil by just a notebook paper? i just did that and i looked stupid! cuz i didnt see any oil! all i saw was the ashes from the paper


you weren't holding your mouth right when you burned the paper no doubt, you have to have your mouth 1/2 agape with the tongue sticking slightly out the corner- for some reason the paper recognizes your efforts and releases it's oil voluntarily when you hold your mouth right, oh and make sure to tilt your head slightly to the left, never to the right- as the paper will be offended by some ancient arbor-ish code of ethics if you tilt to the right


It does work. My mom used this for ever and her mom before and hers before. Roll the brown paper bag into a cone shape. Tear the bag of you need to. Put it on a glass plate and light the top. Let it burn all the way down and get rid of the ashes. Put the brown/ yellow residue on the ringworm.


My parents used this method all the time. I lived in the country and had a lot of outside cats and this method worked every single time. Over night.

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