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Green tea - Egcg
Ok so there are lots of treatments out there none of them perfect or comfortable as far as I can tell. I'm mid treatment right now so I can't tell you how it'll turn out but I can tell you its looking good.

The FDA recently passed a new HPV treatment made from extracts of green tea. Its basically EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) its an antioxidant called catechins present inall tea but very abundant in green tea. It kills cancer cells when exposed to them and does a joby-job on warts. I got the persciption and its a whopping 250$ per tube. Forget it I said..I'll make some myself.

Here's what you do:

Go to the healthfood store and get EGCG caplets at least 500 mg. Open them up and mix them with about an ounce or more of shea butter you can also mix it with California Baby calendula first aid cream.

You'll need to do a vinegar test to see all the warts..any vinegar will do ACV or white. Soak a large cotton cosmetic pad in it and hold it on any suspicious areas. Whatever turns white is a wart. You may see lesions that puff up or just skin that turns white..the skin that turns white IS infected treat it as well! If you don't it WILL develop into warts.

Apply your salve 2-3 times per day. The warts will stay white and the skin will turn yellow brown..then by day 2 or 3 you should start to see brown and black spot on the bigger ones. They are dying as the capillaries that feed them are starting to die. They'll get dry and hard and they'll hurt. There is NO pain free treatment for HPV. They all smart a bit. This isn't that bad though. DO NOT PICK..let the skin fall off. You can wash between treatments to make yourself more comfortable. I also put plain shea butter for comfort in between treatments...the warts get dry and I found they hurt more when there is nothing on them.

You can also take ECGC orally as well to supplement your treatment. It'll work faster and better. ECGC has the benefit of boosting your immune systen as well so a continued oral supplement would probably not be a bad thing.

The makers of the marketed drug say you can keep this treatment up for a max of 16 weeks. I expect to be healed faster than that at this rate. My brew is a bit stronger I think. I found that this salve has little to no effect on healthy skin. Just the evil warts!

I'll be tracking my progress and post my results.

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Ok..I couldn't see how to post an addendum so I thought I'd follow up in the comments. My warts are virtually gone!!! Its been a little over 2 weeks. There was almost no pain after the initial dried up warts fell off. When they fall off they can bleed a bit. Try not to pick at them though. Easier said than done, I know. I did pick some off that were just hanging on by a thread or really dry and I have to say that it did feel better.

My research reflects that this is a better treatment for vaginal warts. It works better on women I guess. I'd still try if I was a guy. I still have some skin that is peeling with every application so I intend to treat for another couple of weeks. Its really amazing how quickly the lesions heal after the initial wart scab falls off. No scars no yuck.

Once the first scabs fell off I did swab the lesions with hydrogen peroxide to fight any infection. That helped as well. I would recommend that.

I'd say that there was a max of like 5 -6 really uncomfortable days. It had more to do with the warts being all dry and scabby though. (gross) When they hurt they're dying so at least you can feel good about that. I do have to say once I was able to kind of 'wipe' the scab off though....the relief and progress of healing was amazing!


How many ECGC pills do you put into the salve? And, will this be successful on a man? It seems many people recommend just using cotton with ACV. Why do you use vinegar as a test only and not a treatment. Will it work as a treatment on a man? Please advise.


At 500 mg I put the contents of 2-2 1/2 pills.
I did the vinegar test as my warts were not at all visible otherwise. Studies have come back saying that this treatment is effective in men. However, it is more effective in women. No one knows why.
I tried the ACV....I have to say that I was too much of a wuss. It really hurt me. Stings like hell. I have small ' colonies' of microscopic warts. So, I get whole patches of skin that are infected. This was a much more comfortable cure for me.
I'd say its worth a try for you. If you see no results in 3-4 days try something else. Every person is different and every cure will be different.

best wishes! good luck!


So are your genital warts completely gone?

I noticed its been almost a year since you posted or started treatment.

Have any come back?


Yes my warts did go away. For a while. I have had reaccurance but it was less and when I did this treatment again the healing was fast! I have to say that I have been researching this whole thing and have come to the conclusion that I have a systemic candida issue. In fact, most people do. In some people it can cause immune dysfuction and frequent outbreaks of viruses like warts and herpes when you have it. I've boosted my immune system which helps....but the minute I lay off it I have trouble. I have many of the secondary symptoms of Candida so getting ready to go through a round of cleases...and then immune booster in hopes that the immune boost will have a more lasting effect.


Are you a man or a women? If a women did you apply the greentea mixture in the inner lips? Did you have any other issue if the did? Thank you


USE THIS METHOD GUYS. If they aren't huge stubborn warts by now... even then this will work just take a while. so patience may be needed for some.

This DOES work for guys!!! At least on the underside and scrotum. Bigger warts will have to be done with ACV until they scab like the rest, but could take a couple more weeks for stubborn ones. I used the ECGC Green tea mixture of this post that I couldn't bare to get with ACV; was gone in less than 3 days using the Green Tea and burt's bees honey & Shea body butter. It's the green tea extract you're after, it's what works. The body butter is just the delivery substance for the green tea.

Use about 3-4 capsules of 500MG Green Tea Extract per Tablespoon of body butter. Also take all of the vitamins people talk about in these posts to boost immune. I'm soooo glad I found this, the ACV hurt sooo bad I couldn't continue long enough to get rid of it enough. With this it worked excellent with no pain, almost soothing until you wash it off to replace. It's hard and scabby. Use a shower each time and let shower rinse off scabs... At the end of day two until it's gone you will find it easier to take a shower than a bath to allow the shower to slowly wash off excess skin/scabs as it begins to finally heal completely. DO NOT PICK OR REMOVE YOURSELF. Let water rinse away whatever may be loose but nothing more.

No difference for guys or gals get the tight bikini's or jocks and use some paper towels and saran wrap to protect since it's a mess!! But it's does not hurt only slight tingle/itch when needs to be changed about every 8-9 hours. After ALL the scabs are gone and washed off freely by themselves, use Vitamin E oil around whole area to continue to let the sensitive skin heal more fully for a few more days.

I would also use ACV again after this to make sure you got it all or to begin to use harsher methods on the bigger stubborn warts.

Mine were underneath on the shaft and scrotum, nothing held on well enough, almost tried the ACV & asprin method but wanted to test this first, good thing!! I had NO IDEA I had these. I heard my ex went in for getting rid of HPV so I thought I would 'test' and found flat under the skin ones on the underneath & scrotum. With as much 'new' skin exposed, the ACV burned WAY too much. They covered much more area than I had first thought as well because the ACV didn't stay on well enough, until I read a post about mixing it with asprin, which everyone said also stung almost worse. This found areas that the ACV didn't.

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