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Apple cider vinegar is best for any form of indigestion (including neck indigestion, chest pain and indigestion, stomach, digestion, etc.) - better than(at least as good as) any medicine than you can take. Take about 2-3 teaspoons per 16 oz. of water and make sure that you mix it well and use straws(important - teeth). Also, note that it is an if all else fails type of solution, because of vinegar's effect as it directly touches your teeth. Try ketchup and mustard(I put up the original ketchup mustard post, too; forgot to sign it) first, as it works for nearly all stomach and chest indigestion. For acid reflux or neck indigestion, you may want to forgo the ketchup and mustard and use vinegar the water mixture above. If neither of these cocktails works, then you may have something serious and the problem may need iatrogenic care. That's how good these remedies are!

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If you don't usually drink as much water at one time or you don't want to drink that much water then proportionately shrink the vinegar dosage down, too. Lessen this mixture if you're smaller or your problem is less severe. If you're bigger and your problem is more severe, then you might want to approach the maximum mentioned. Why use water? Well, because of how strong the taste of vinegar is and think of the vinegar penny experiment that you learned in school and what raw vinegar could possibly do to your system long term. I rate vinegar a 10 on your rating system.


This works BUT:
1) Should be done with ORANGE JUICE for those that cannot stand the taste
- put OJ in mouth
- pass the apple cider vinegar OVER the teeth and into the juice held in the back of your mouth
- swallow together
- add more juice if you want (don't overdo any juice here

2) Should be ORGANIC apple cider vinegar.

That always works for me.


nope. Not really helpful >:(


How is drinking acid going to help with an acid problem? Try baking soda instead in water instead. Or some Tums. If you don't like the idea of using a 'medicine' chew on a piece of chalk, same thing minus the mint flavor.


1 level tsp. BAKING SODA mixed into a glass of lukewarm water, chug, burp a few times, and feel the relief. Ahhhhh!


Although taking apple cider vinegar for an acidic stomach seems counterintuitive initially and I doubted how effective it would be, it really worked for me! Thanks so much to all who shared the info. I first tried baking soda, which helped a bit, but was still very miserable from the acidic stomach, so tried the cider vinegar and viola! it the acidity in my system was gone!

I mixed 4 ounces of apple juice, about half a cup of water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of Sweet & Low (will use Stevia next time)and drank the mix using a straw. It actually tasted pretty good! Best home remedy advice I ever tried! Thanks again to all for sharing your tips.


Okay I was scaed of this but i had to stop the wost reflux i have ever had. My stomach was so bloated back into my thoat i thought it and my heart was going to explode. So i rread all your posts grabbed a half full water bottle poued in some white vinegar(all I had) and some baking soda, gave it a shake, fizzed and tested a sip. It was instant relief. TYTYTY! XOXOXO I am going to take a few morre sips and hopefully be able to lay down stop burping and sleep. I could not affod to buy my prilosec that I take everyday for GERD. This worked great and tasted fine.

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