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Apple cider vinegar is best for any form of indigestion (including neck indigestion, chest pain and indigestion, stomach, digestion, etc.) - better than(at least as good as) any medicine than you can take. Take about 2-3 teaspoons per 16 oz. of water and make sure that you mix it well and use straws(important - teeth). Also, note that it is an if all else fails type of solution, because of vinegar's effect as it directly touches your teeth. Try ketchup and mustard(I put up the original ketchup mustard post, too; forgot to sign it) first, as it works for nearly all stomach and chest indigestion. For acid reflux or neck indigestion, you may want to forgo the ketchup and mustard and use vinegar the water mixture above. If neither of these cocktails works, then you may have something serious and the problem may need iatrogenic care. That's how good these remedies are!

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I have tried over the counter meds and none of them worked. I was skeptical that apple cider vinegar would give me any relief but I was desperate and decided it was worth a try. The smell is terrible and the taste is beyond terrible but to my amazement I experienced almost instant relief. It is well worth the terrible taste and smell. I am going to sleep heartburn free!!!!


i tried every thing for my indigetion , but apple sider viniger mmm , did work for me verry well , it`s a releaf for me, it`s a new life.


I endured the pressure of indigestion for almost 7 straight hours, after taking indigestion pills, tums nothing gave me relief. I remember seeing something about apple cider vinegar for indigestion and immediately ran to my pantry. I forgot about adding the water and took a tablespoon straight and within a 1/2hr. I'm starting to feel relief. BEST REMEDY THUS FAR... FORGET THE OVER THE COUNTER CRAP!!


I was in agony and had nothing in the medicine cupboard to take for relief. Googled this site, took the apple cider with a glass of water and within 10 minutes had some relief. Not complete cure but at least I am painfree and will sleep tonight. Recommend it


I used regular distilled vinegar in water and sucked on a piece of ginger candy. My indigestion subsided right away. Thank you for sharing.

Me Me, Thio- Singapore

i just have drank a glass of apple cider vinegar...i felt instant relieved...thank you very much for the sharing...otherwise i will keep on taking medicine..


All I can say is thank you... Immediate relief with white vinegar! I didn't have apple cider vinegar :(
Thanks sooooooo much for the tip.


With out a doubt just tried it and instant relief thanks very much


Thank you so much! I just had the worst bout of indigestion and the pain was so intense.
I googled home remedies and found your post. I drank a large cup of cold water with apple cider vinegar/manuka honey through a straw. Within 10 minutes all symptoms had subsided. What a relief, this remedy is a keeper. Thanks again.


Suffered from heartburn all night last night. I tried the baking soda remedy to no relief. Tonight, I began having the same symptoms. I didn't want to be up all night again, so due to the late hour I just thought I would check online for a home remedy. Found this one and so glad I did. Almost immediately began feeling better. Thanks!

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