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The ketchup and mustard cocktail works wonders for even severe stomach ache and bloating. I've tried ketchup by itself and it works well; I've also tried mustard by itself and it doesn't work as well on your stomach as it does on your blood pressure. The combination together; however, is better than many medicines. Eat it by itself or on food. You won't believe how wonderful it works. Measuring it, I'd say that about 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of ketchup and about 3/4 of a tablespoon of mustard mixture will do the trick.

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This is excellent; try it start receiving some relief; it even is great when used as a preventative stomach measure. Everyone has ketchup and mustard. Ketchup works well by itself, but mustard works mostly as a blood pressure agent and it has minimal stomach benefits, as well. Try the cocktail and see how well it works.

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ok so i had a severe stomach ache & took cimetidine, drank maalox to no avail, suffered for a couple of hours. looking for a quick fix to stop the pain, i tried the cocktail. as soon as I ate the 2 spoonsful i immediately went & spewed chunks a couple of times, forgot how much i hate thatm but my pain has subsided substantially.just thought you all might want to share in my story.


Boy did I get some relief with this remedy. I almost vomited but I didnt! My stomach feels 95% better then before. Thanks!!!!


Yeah, this remedy WORKS, I will tell people about this one from now on, thanks alot, my stomach has been in long term pain for a while today and I read your post and did it, it has subsided substantially, thank you!

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