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C. Gee

My son has had several bouts with chiggars and we have tried all of the suggested remedies even scratching them until they were raw and giving him a bleach bath. That works but boy is it painful for a child. We had an aunt that makes homemade soap and I have found that if you take a wash cloth and lather it up with homemade soap a few times a day and scrub the affected areas it works wonders. My son says it is the best thing we have ever used. We also give him benedryl and put either Aveno anti-itch cream or Dermoplast after we wash him.

If you can get you some homemade soap it works for a whole lot of things!

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Just saw the post about giving a child a bleach bath for chiggers. Please do not do this under any circumstance. Bleach is a neurotoxin and will do much more damage than a chigger.

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