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(hope this is helpful)-Ive had colitis since I was 7 and am still battling it 10yrs. later.I have been on just about all the drugs they can put you on for this.Ive also had 2 colonoscopies (not fun).The loss of appetite and diharrea were there but never bothered me very much, but what got me worst of all were the stomach cramps.The pain is sometimes so bad it makes me wish I could just rip off my lower half.But anyway, I have found that drinking 2 cups of 'Aloe Vera Juice' a day, helps bring down immflamation and make cramps alot less frequent.Aloe Vera is also called the miracle plant and so far has been helping me greatly.

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UC since you were 7?? That's terrible. I've had mine since I was 17 and 2 colonoscopies for me too. I'm on pills now, but I have to take 9 a day and they are really expensive. When I start to forget to take them, or have finals at school, it comes back. I'm studying abroad in Italy right now and my UC has come back, which is terrible when all your Italian relatives do is feed you. Any suggestions to help get mine under control??


my son who is ten yrs old also is suffering from cuc since a year..has undergone colonoscopy twice.i und. any form of homely treatment welcm.god bless!!!!!!


In Japan they have been using ionized, alalnike water for many skin ailments including acne. The great thing is that this technology will also help with many other ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, eczema, and many more. You can view videos explaining the technology and read great articles in the videos and articles section of the website below. This water will clean your whole body inside and out! Have a blessed day!


Try a wheat-free, lactose-free diet. Really stick to it for at least a month. It changed my life. It could change yours too. It got me off all my tablets and has kept me from regular hospital visits for years.

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