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When I see someone with dark circles under their eyes, I wish I could stop them and tell them that they need to get the toxins OUT of their body. My son used to have eyes that looked like he'd been beaten up. Now, his circles lighten or darken depending on whether he's eaten food with artifical additives or not. Eating organically, drinking lots of pure (unfluoridated, unchlorinated) water and getting enough sunshine are all important. Did you know that Vitamin D (from the sun) is necessary to detoxify?

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Dumb lady get your facts right !!!!


Abbey is paagal aurat ko bhaagao yahan se...isko itna bhi nhi pata ki paani ko chlorinate kyun karte hain..sochti hai ki chlorinated water impure hota hai..saali raand kahin ki


I find this woman's thought slightly rude. 'I wish I could stop anyone I see with dark circles.' This is a genetic issue for some and has NOTHING to do with toxins. For some it simply comes down to facial structure. To say you want to preach at a dark circled person full insecurities about this problem is horrible. That's why this is getting so many bad comments. Thanks. I've dealt with it my entire life. I came for advice, not judgement on my toxin levels.

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