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When I see someone with dark circles under their eyes, I wish I could stop them and tell them that they need to get the toxins OUT of their body. My son used to have eyes that looked like he'd been beaten up. Now, his circles lighten or darken depending on whether he's eaten food with artifical additives or not. Eating organically, drinking lots of pure (unfluoridated, unchlorinated) water and getting enough sunshine are all important. Did you know that Vitamin D (from the sun) is necessary to detoxify?

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Yes, thank you. Topical remedies will only go so far.


Don't be that ignorant. If your going to post like you know what you're talking about, then try to do a little more research on the topic.

Its easy to say that the only problem is to detoxify, but its not. What about those with chronic stuffy noses due to allergies? They too suffer from dark eyes and I can sure tell you that sun or water won't cure that baby.

Although your advice is good for some, it does not apply to all.


Advice does not apply to someone who has damaged skin from TOO MUCH sun...or from allergy sufferers.
Drink lots of water, take iron supplements, and avoid sun overexposure.


Please do not regurgitate misinformation. Believe it or not the skin under your eyes has melanin too. Sun exposure will only darken the area under your eyes even more.


I have had dark circles under my eyes all my life. My diet when i was a child was very organic. Most foods I ate was grown in are garden ect... I agree diet may affect some people but not all.


Yalls comments are stupid. If your looking for ideas then read them. Stop knockin the ideas. Go to the doc if you want a for sure answer of why you have dark circles. IDIOTS!!!!!


That's not true. I've had dark circles all my life, and for the past five years my diet has been very healthy. I'm a vegetarian, I eat organic and raw whenever I can, and I still eat fish for the omega 3 and protien. I drink lots of water and organic green tea with no sweeteners and I get a full eight hours of sleep every night. My doctor tells me that my dark circles are due not to my diet or lifestyle, but allergies and genetics. Your cure may work for some people, but my guess is that most of them are the ones who only occasionally suffer from dark circles, not every day since they were a child like me.


Dark circles are also caused by allergies. And if this is the cause, it doesn't matter what you eat or how often you detoxify your body, they're still going to appear.


Uh...lady, dark circles aren't just caused by toxins...many factors can cause it, such as genetics! Obviously you are not German and weren't born with dark circles like I was. (You were born with something way more incurrable...ignorance) In the future it would probably be best if you educated your ignorant soul a little before posting on websites about sensitive topics you clearly know nothing about.


I don't understand why most of you feel you have to be rude and mean...This person was just giving their opinion and advice that they thought to be true. If you disagree, you disagree. You don't have to be hateful about it. Grow up.

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