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I had an extraction on this past Tuesday and developed dry socket the very next day - like others have said, the sensations of throbbing pain radiated to surrounding teeth. It was getting unbearable, the pain was driving me crazy. My jaw was locked up and swollen as well.

I went searching for Clove oil and when I didn't find that, I ended up getting the Red Cross brand Toothache Kit. Best thing ever! At my Rite Aid, it was right there in the toothpaste aisle, in the section where you find Orajel and Anbesol. The price of the kit was $7.69.

How I used it was I placed one of the kit's little cotton pellets in the tweezers that come with it, wet the cotton with water first to cut the sting of the Eugenol (the bottle of liquid included in this kit is Eugenol, which is basically Clove Oil and it will sting, be careful), dipped the cotton into the oil and dabbed the socket. If your surrounding teeth are also feeling the pain, dab all over and around them too, I found that helps. ;) It worked for me instantly just by covering the area and other teeth with the oil - I didn't have to worry about packing the socket or anything. The relief lasts a long time for me, I just apply it once or twice a day if I need to.

Bless you all suffering with it, hope you can find the relief that you need, I know I did - and that was by reading your accounts and advice here, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I am so glad I found this site. I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday (which took about 1hr 45min for one of them), and by Wednesday I was in unbearable pain. Called up my dentist and he told me I had dry socket and asked how far I was from the office. I told him only 480 miles away. He advised me to find an oral surgeon in the area I was in and go to them, but unfortunately it was after business hours. With tears running down my face I looked up remedies online and came across this site, I drove around in a city I dont even know and finally found a pharmacy with the Red Cross Kit and upon applying it I had relief within 10 mins of application. It is now Thursday and still no pain! I have changed the cotton ball three times to avoid the pain from returning and hopefully this will carry me until I return home in the morning and get to my dentist for a permanent fix.

Thanks alot for your posts!


I have been in severe pain due to dry sockett and pain meds weren't providing relief. I found this website an hour ago and ran out to CVS to buy the red cross toothache kit. I just put the cotton pellet soaked in clove oil on the sockett and it been less than 5 min and I am feeling 99% better. This is an amazing home remedy. I spoke to my dentist last night (fri) and he predicated I 'may' be getting dry sockett since the pain is getting worse than better when the extraction was last Tues. I agree with the person who posted the comment about why the heck doesn't dentist tell of this remedy. Thank you all that posted here before me.


My wife had a tooth pulled on Monday, she didn't sleep at all Monday night, and Tuesday it was worse, her face was swollen, throbbing, she said her other teeth were hurting. She was taken Percacet, and 1500 ml of other pain relievers, and nothing eased the pain. The doctors was already gone for the day when I called today. We have put warm packs, cold packs, everything and still the pain would not go away. I had to do something, so I looked on the computer and found the red cross remedy. I went to Walgreen s and there it was 6.79, she said it burned at first, but after 5 minutes the pain was gone. She didn't even know about 15 minutes later she was snoring. Thanks for the help.


Thank you very much!


Thank you - Thank you - Thank you


OMG!!!!! This remedy is wonderful!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much!


A little less than a week ago I had two wisdom extracted and to my horror ended up with the most god awful thing know to man- dry socket. After 6 days in the most excrutiating pain I have ever experienced I found this site. All I can say is god bless the internet! Clove oil really does work. It took care of what hydrocodone couldn't. If you are suffering from dry socket I would first like to say that my heart goes out to you! Second, leave right now, drive to the closest drug store and purchase clove oil!! Within minutes of applying it the pain was almost gone.

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