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Buy some gauze, the kind in a big roll. Cut a long, thin strip, long enough to be a 'necklace' but not long enough to tangle around the child's neck. Cut another piece, kind of a large square, the approximate size of a post-it-note. Take 2 decent sized cloves of very fresh garlic, peel, put in square gauze. Bring together the 4 corners of the square, tie with a small strip of gauze or some ordinary sewing thread. Take the long strip of gauze, tie it around the top of the garlic pouch you now have, 3 knots so it does not come open. Take this necklace, and tie the two ends together, so you literally have a necklace tu put over your child's head. Place this necklace on your child the way you would put on a jewelry necklace, making sure the pouch is resting close enpugh to child's nose that chils is breathing in the garlic 'fumes'. DO THIS ONLY DURING NAPS, WHILE CHILD IS IN YOUR EYESIGHT, NEVER AT BEDTIME!!! Garlic will not only get rid of stuffiness, but will make the cold go away much sooner, as it kills bacteria. This is a great remedy for babies, to whom you do not want to give chemicals! This, along with a mix of fresh mint/chamomile tea, sweetened minimally with honey, will ease your child's sufferring quickly and naturally!

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NEVER NEVER EVER give a baby honey!!


A bonus to this is that it will also keep those pesky vampires away from little Johnny while he sleeps.

The reason for never giving an infant under the age of 1 year honey is due to the natural presence of botulinum endospores which can lead to botulism. An infants immune system needs time to mature before introducing honey.


Yeah honey for children under 1 can be bad. Lol. A baby wont complain about something not being sweet, the baby shouldnt even know what sweet is yet. So the tea and mint will do just fine without the honey.


Way too complicate!!!!!


Always be aware that honey should never be given to a child under the age of 1 year as it can contain an organism that can be very deadly to them. Want all those babies out there to be SAFE!


I realize botulism could major problem but the purpose of the honey isn't just to sweeten the tea but also helps relive coughing as it lightly coats the throat to help prevent irritation caused by congestion. If the tea is boiled with the honey it will kill all botulinum spores and thus should be safe. ...another note--honey contains a very large amount of sugar and it is difficult for most bacteria to survive in such harsh conditions. This is the reason honey is safe to consume for very long periods of time. As long as the honey isn't years old, the actual chance of getting botulism is rather low. If this remedy works for Sandi's child then I'm very glad. My mother has given me honey my whole life because I suffer from overly severe allergies and clearly, I'm still alive.

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