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We have been battling head lice of and on for over a year. If you are facing the same problem I do not have to tell you how frustrating it is. We have tried them all: from over the counter medicines to mayo and olive oil, sure enough a few days to a few weeks later our 10 year old would be re infested! Until EXTRA STRENGTH DENOREX! Surprisingly simple remedy: many things will kill lice the problem is the eggs and brushing them out. Nothing kills the eggs short of shaving your hear. Salicylic Acid the active ingredient in Extra strength Denorex kills lice as you wash wash your hear. Keep using it for two weeks until no more eggs hatch, and the cycle is broken! IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Word of caution not just any dandruff shampoo will work, it has to have Salicylic Acid as an active ingridient. So far I have only found that 'Extra strength denorex' and 'Island Breeze Selsun Blue Naturals' have it. Many others may look the same and help you with dandruff, but will do nothing to get rid of head lice!

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Extra strength denorex does work!

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