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Cotton ball soaked with apple cider vinegar worked for me also. At first I was going to use a bandaid to keep the cotton ball in place ... then I had the idea of using a condom instead. I cut off the top half, and then used the rest of the condom to hold the cotton ball in place ... and went to sleep. Next morning when I removed everything I was a bit concerned because the two warts had not only diminished in size but had actually turned black ... didn't know at the time that that is apparently what you want to happen. So I chose not to repeat the procedure on night two. The black scabs fell off within a couple of days .. and the applicable area looks fine. In essence, it only took one night to be rid of them.

I have had genital warts for over ten years and have twice had these two warts removed surgically ... and they both came back within a couple of years. This cure seems to have worked just as well ... the affected area looks the same as it did after the area healed post surgery. It's only been a couple of weeks ... and I know that they may come back again ... but this treatment was a lot more affordable, less painful and less time consuming than visiting a dermatologist.

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