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I had a lower wisdom tooth extracted a week ago today. The procedure itself and the first 48-72 hours thereafter went relatively smooth with minimal pain. Then, it started. I'm talking 9.5 to 9.75 on a pain scale of 10. Went back to the Dentist on day 4. He suggested that I was on the tail end of the worst of it and I could either stick it out for another 24-48 hours. Or, he could deliberately stir things up in the socket (which has obviously been missing the clot since day one), start the bleeding all over, and try to create a new clot. I opted for the wait-n-see approach. Not good... By day 6, I was not sleeping at all. Involuntary tears were seeping out of my eyes from the extreme pain and the pain killers were useless. Called my dentist today and he suggested that I wait another 3-4 days to see him or go see an oral surgeon today (neither a good option). Thank God for this forum and the people who contribute to it. I went to my local health food store & purchased a small 0.5 ounce bottle of Clove Oil for $6 bucks & some change. For those interested, the brand was 'Aura Cacia', description is 'Clove Bud 100% Pure Essential Oil.' I just cleaned out the socet with warm salt water, used a toothpick to carefully clear out any food particles, dabbed a few drops of the oil on a Q-Tip and gently messaged the socket with it. Yes, the taste is strong and you will salivate like Pavlov's dog but the pain subsided and disappeared within 2-3 minutes. About 8 hours later, I just repeated the process because I was starting to feel the pain creeping back. Bam! - squashed the pain & its gone!!! I am not sure I will need to mess with creating a pack of gauze or cotton as some have suggested but if the oil soaked Q-Tip doesn't work for you, try it.

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thanks this helps!!! i wasn't too comfortable stuffing gauze in the hole so i tried the cotton swab and it helped. left a really bad stingy taste around my tongue and lips but i got used to it. i might dabbed a little more next time though coz when i started tasting the stingy taste around i just stopped dabbing. so far it's helping with the pain. i also soaked a little bit of gauzed and bite on it. oh and i took extra strength tylenol and crossing my fingers i might get a decent sleep tonight.

btw, if you happen to be reading this, how long did you have your dry socket?

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