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This one works almost every time(almost)for menthol smokers.
About half the companies use Mentholated Filters a filter off a cigarette.
2.leave it between teeth and 'smoke' as if it is a full cigarette(the filter).
3.If you get frustrated(a craving) bite down on it.
4. Do this for about one week.

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why waste a perfectly good cigarette by ripping it apart? why not just keep an unlit cig in your mouth then? thing is whether you rip it or not, that cig will get smoked filtered or non filtered. At 7 bucks a pack here, I will not destroy my cigs. I think it better to just ditch them if one is going to attempt this one.


THANKS---I'm gonna try this cause I am a filter chewer anyways! and in the other comment I read : for me personally if I don't rip the filter OFF and toss it I WILL LIGHT IT !!


You are worried about wasting a cigarette???? Better than it being smoked don't ya think??????

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