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You will need : Special Shampoo Head & Shoulders : Generic or Preferred Moisturizing Hair Moose :
1 ) Washing your vaginal and anal area and arm pit areas daily with Head & Shoulders HYDRAZINC 2 in 1 is ideal for thorough cleansing of bacteria which comes from residues caused from everyday urinating and defecating.
2 ) Massage conditioning hair moose into the creases and crevises of your genital areas first, then your anal area second. Then wash your hands. You can use hair moose after using the toilet on both areas then wash your hands thoroughly. This will be soothing and fragrant and actually reduce and stop vaginal itching due to naturally anti bacterial botanical agents which are found in most moose hair products. 3 ) What we eat can be absorbed by our uterus during periods and by our urine and feces during toilet time so be clean and happy.

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Are you guys dumb???? Really...?? Who ever wrote this is being stupid!! honestly???


What in the flipping hell is hair MOOSE? lmao

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