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You will need : Special Shampoo Head & Shoulders : Generic or Preferred Moisturizing Hair Moose :
1 ) Washing your vaginal and anal area and arm pit areas daily with Head & Shoulders HYDRAZINC 2 in 1 is ideal for thorough cleansing of bacteria which comes from residues caused from everyday urinating and defecating.
2 ) Massage conditioning hair moose into the creases and crevises of your genital areas first, then your anal area second. Then wash your hands. You can use hair moose after using the toilet on both areas then wash your hands thoroughly. This will be soothing and fragrant and actually reduce and stop vaginal itching due to naturally anti bacterial botanical agents which are found in most moose hair products. 3 ) What we eat can be absorbed by our uterus during periods and by our urine and feces during toilet time so be clean and happy.

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There is no way putting fragranced hair soap in and around your area can help anything. You could get acne down there, and there is nothing to kill the bad bacteria causing the smell.


did you try this...sounds like something thats not good for your area.


always make sure there is no infections going on ,then try unscented soap,do not touch your vagina with your bare hand,because your hand carries germs,remember wipe from front to back.


no, sounds stupid.


this is the craziest thing i've ever heard! nobody do this!!!!


yea this is nut, its gonna irritate you, not cure you.


That's one of the most ridiculous remedies I have ever read.What are you trying to kill?


Please don't try this, all the chemicals & parabens in the shampoo are carcinogenic, will kill the vagina's natural internal balance, will aggravate any infection & cause possible thrush.

Try mixing a teaspoon cider or balsamic vinegar with a tsp of honey, drop of tea tree or fennel oil & some golden seal extract, the last two contain antifungal properties that gently & effectively help with odour & kill any infection & use a needleless syringe or dropper to insert. Try this overnight, infection should clear within 24 hours, eating simple veggies, salads & fruits while you have the infection will help along with acidophilus supplements.


No no no.You don't put fragrant soaps or no soaps in your vagina area at all.Your calling for a bacteria infection HONESTLY


The shampoo works well for your underarms, truly it does. But dont use it down there! Apple cider vinegar and salt douch levels out ph very nicely.

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