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Working all night and in terrible pain needing to hold mouthful of cold water to feel even remotely better, when I spit it out the pain returns in seconds and I need to talk to people a lot here at work via radio and phone. I saw a suggestion somewhere about using cocoa. Being desperate and going on hour 6 of agony, I came across a packet of Nestle Hot Cocoa mix; tore it opened and poured in my mouth over the tooth. At first the pained stayed and I thought what I just did was stupid...about 15 seconds later the pain subsided to near nothing, and found that let the powder get wet makes a nice chocolaty paste let you can mix on tooth with your tongue. IT WORKED!!!! Kept packet near me and liberally used til my shift ended. Don't need to freeze area and feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

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see, this is stupid because it's probably from decay and you are putting sugar on it! I really wouldn't advise this because you are just going to make it worse.

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