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Hans's Eczema & Psoriasis 'Cure'

Eczema and psoriasis can be significantly reduced with exercise and diet. Work out in the sun and get a sweat going. Don't go crazy and if you're not in shape, that's okay. Just get out there and walk until you get a sweat going.

Drink plenty of green tea along with turmeric (curry spice). Drink these together as they are much more powerful that way. Drinking curry spice is not fun, but it works miracles (for a whole host of inflammatory problems including cancer and Alzheimer's).

Remember, get a sweat going when working out. The sweat will really help reduce the condition naturally and safely.

Now, for the itch...

1. Use Aveeno brand liquid soap and Aveeno moisterizer, period.

2. Use Neutrogena 3% acid shampoo on your skin to remove plaques *gently* (about 5-10 minutes...apply once or twice and lather into skin). Do not re-injure the skin by scratching hard or using abrasion. This will only cause more inflammation. (now the dead skin cells causing the itch will be removed and ready for the next step...ZNP Bar Soap)

3. Buy ZNP Bar (pyrithione zinc 2%) which is a blue soap bar you can get at a pharmacy and stops the itchies quick! It'll also dry out your skin, so use plenty of Aveeno moisterizer.

4. Now use a calamine lotion or cortizone (if you haven't been using it for years because it becomes less effective or even triggers symptoms) to keep the area calm.

5. Exercise, exercise and exercise. Get a sweat going, in the sun (great place to get Vitamin D). Or, if that is not an option, get a Nintendo Wii and DDR. :)

I posted this in the eczema section, but am reposting this information:

Turmeric (the stuff in curry spice) is an incredible anti-inflammatory and will help all eczema sufferers. It is proven as effective as steriods/corticosteriods, but don't let the pharmaceutical companies know that.

Buy Turmeric from healthfood store in pill form or at your local grocery store in bags full (to save money) and take 3-6 pills 500mg daily. Or mix with tea or put in food.

Eczema has a link with Candida fungus. When you eat sugars, it feeds the fungus which causes your body to 'overreact' or become inflamed. Your immune system attacks fungus around your entire body including skin, hence the itchie, scaly skin. (it's actually more complex, but I am shortening it up a bit)

Avoid sweets, gluten, dairy or foods with fungus to balance out your intenstinal flora. Find out slowly how much sweets, etc you can safely eat w/o showing symptoms. However, I suggest detox for the first few weeks including lost of Omega 3's (from Salmon or flaxseed, perhaps).

Many dermatologist don't recognize the above well established science and prescribe dangerous drugs.

Eczema is genetic and enviromental based. This means that you can effectively cure it, although technically it is not curable.

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About a month ago my scalp psoriasis suddenly improved - hardly any red scaly patches. As I had not been taking any treatment, I was to say the least puzzled and pondered what I had done that was different.
The only thing I could come up with was that for three days I had eaten some water melon, which usually I do not particularly like.
Wondering if this could have anything to do with the improvement I checked on the internet for 'watermelon & skin' and could not believe what I found.
Water melon is one of the best natural remedies on the planet for skin problems. You can eat it, drink the juice, even rub the juice on the affected parts and expect a great improvement in the health of your skin.


You can only treat psoriasis, there's no cure for psoriasis. One can only hope of remission.


i dont use Aveeno, as they use animals in their labs...they force rabbits to keep their eyes open while they bathe their eyes in the product to see if it will burn. surely that's got to hurt, no matter how gentle any product may be. they also do skin irritation tests. they subject the animals skin to direct contact for many more applications than humans ever would!


pharmasuetical companies want everyone to beleive there is no cure for anything they dont control. they will never acknowlege home remedies. they want everyone buying high prices pills and cremes from them to fatten their can bet if a cure for caner was found, they would never make it public...theyd loose billions

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