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Dana Brown

I was having problems with flea coming into the house since i had no pets in the house they had to be coming in on our clothes. My mother inlaw told me to get some night lights and plug them in close to the floor. Then take a little bowl with warm water and dish soap and place under the lights. I was scepticle but when i went to set the bowl down i watched 3 fleas jump right in. It works. Plus it is safe to leave out at all times. I still keep the bowls and night lights out to this day. So far no fleas now.

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Does that work regardless if you have pets or not??


My mom read this last night an tried it. She woke up and counted the flea's there was lke4 and she couldnt believe it really worked.


I tried this and it works. Also the salt on the floors work also


I wonder it it is the heat they are attracted to and not the light? After all, animals radiate heat and some animals fur is so thick it would be dark close to the skin.

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