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I had eczema since i was little... and we had tried EVERYTHING! (creams, detox, we even went as far as wrapping my legs in saran wrap with vasoline when i went to bed!) NOTHING worked until i started using a tanning bed for my eighth grade graduation...

it went away within a matter of WEEKS and its been gone ever since.

I was reading a health magazine while waiting to go see my doctor, and read that in some extreme cases, they use Ultra-Violet light to treat eczema.

You have to keep the tanning up though, i go once or about three times a week, and if i havent gone in a while, like skipped a week or two, i can tell my legs will start to itch again.

Tanning also helps take care of Acne!:)


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This really does work. I have both eczema AND acne problems. Once I started tanning, both were gone. Flare ups will happen due to stress, etc but I find tanning once or twice a week certainly helps.


ok, i'm 14, almost 15, a major time in my life to go to pool partys and all that, so i ask you, does this REALLY work or does not? (i'm a guy, and don't think much of tanning, does tanning outside also work?)


Tanning is also great if you're looking at getting skin cancer. If you use a tanning bed even once before the age of 30 your chances of developing skin cancer increase over 70%.


I agree, it works well. However BE WARNED. Using tanning beds regularly (especially in people under the age of 18) will increase your chances of melanoma (Skin cancer) by seventy five percent. The numbers are taken from a recent medical study and I found them to be quite shocking. Personally, I will take my painfully itchy feet over raising my chance of cancer.


Oh ok, so you won't have eczema or acne, but you will have skin cancer. Smart remedy, but I think I'll pass.


I too have Eczema and YES Tanning does keep you from the outbreaks. I am 41 yrs old and I look like I am 25. I have been tanning on and off for a few years. I don't believe whatsoever that a tanning bed alone causes cancer any more than being in the direct sun. I don't use both the tanning bed and the sun that is when you will find the dangers of skin cancer...called over expsosure. Anything done in moderation can be a good thing. Use your own judgements. Good luck and enjoy that beautiful tan!


I'm 37 years old and used tanning beds sporadically in my late teens and early 20's. It helped my acne and my eczema and I thought it was just great. Until I turned 30 and was diagnosed with Melanoma. I noticed a new mole the size of a dot and ended up with having to have a big chunk cut out of my leg. I don't mean to downplay how awful eczema (and acne) are. But they aren't life-threatening. So my advice is to think twice before skipping off to the tanning salon. It simply isn't worth the risk.


I know from extensive tanning education that Indoor Tanning is LESS likely to give you skin cancer than the SUN. The only way you can ever get skin cancer from UV exposure is when your skin burns. If you aren't an idiot, you don't get burned. If you get burned, you're at risk for cancer. Also, when skin cancer shows up, medical studies have proven that the cause of it was MANY years ago. Skin cancer doesn't come instantly. If you get skin cancer under the age of 30, it is from being sunburned as a baby.


I have very very mild eczema. Sun takes care of it in no time. Sun is the best antibiotic-- I swear by it. My sister even likes to open her mouth and sun her throat (if it's sore). And yes, it's good for acne too.

I've considered tanning beds for the dry, cold winter. Thanks for posting your tip.


Not looking to trade eczema for skin cancer, thanks.

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