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My little girl contracted a resistant infestation of head lice at school. Over-the-counter remedies failed. Mayonnaise failed. The prescription treatment her pediatrician provided also failed.

I remembered how I killed insects when I collected and mounted them as a kid. I wasn't allowed to handle insecticides so my science teacher recommended placing a drop of machine oil on the little critters. It worked every time. They don't have lungs, they absorb oxygen through their pores. The oil simply clogged all their pores and asphyxiated them.

I wasn't about to put machine oil on my girl's hair, but I reasoned baby oil would have the same effect. I drenched her hair and scalp with baby oil, left it in for twenty minutes, then washed it out with her regular shampoo. The next day I repeated the procedure, then again after one week.

It was very inexpensive and it worked.

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i must say that does work, it makes it much easier to comb them out also. Mayo works the same way also.


I have done the same thing but only had vegatable oil on hand, then I rinsed it with Dawn dish soap, and even blow dried it works wonders!

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