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Items that you ultimately need / and should have to take care of an abscessed tooth...

- Penicillin
- Vicodin / Advil as a supplement
- Possible Extraction
- Money

What to do if you have no insurance and no dentist!

Now I understand that many of us these days just don't have the economical means to afford insurance, or maintain a doctor/dentist. But at some point, you must be prepared for that unexpected expense that will arise, such as an abscessed tooth. Fever and sickness are soon to follow as your body tries to fight off the infection of an abscessed tooth in the form of pus, and other related complications.

If the teas, aspirin, garlic tablets, and other possible home remedies don't work, then what do you do?

- If you don't have to, please try and stay away from the emergency room. It will be at least $500 just to walk through the door, the wait time can be anywhere from 4+ hours, and ultimately they will simply refer you to a dentist on the following day? The hospital may simply provide a pain killer subscription, but no penicillin and no extraction.

- Try not to walk into any dentist office, let alone one of the more popular dentist chains, because although they have a payment plan at a reduced price, you are looking at $700 or more, that they will need up front, in order to do their work. Any remainder expenses are usually broken up into three or four installments, and not on a monthly basis as one would think.

There is a solution that I have experienced for myself, and although it required some emergency money, it was extremely affordable and convenient. Now I live in the great state of Colorado, so we are fortunate to have such places as These places are open during emergency hours such as 5pm - 9pm on weekdays, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

From the time that I walked in (no appointment necessary), until the time I walked out with penicillin in hand, some gum shots of novocain (took x-rays as well), and a prescription for vicodin, it took just about one hour. It cost me an initial $125 up front, with the promise that if things didn't get better in a day, then simply return to the dentist, and they would take more x-rays and go from there absolutely free! The dentist assured me that although they could have operated right then and there, it would be better if I waited until the swelling and infection subsided, so it would not be as painful if/and when an extraction would be necessary. Not all abscessed teeth require an abstraction. Mine did however, and after three days of fighting the infection, I returned to the dentist and for an additional $140, my tooth was removed, and all is well.

I encourage anybody out there who may have an abscessed tooth, to look into this type of affordable alternative, as you pursue a path to relief of pain and discomfort associated with an abscessed tooth.

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