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Okay, so this is the easiest simplest remedy for tooth pain (and I mean REALLY BAD tooth pain!). I had been having severe all-over-mouth pain for a couple weeks and went to my dentist and found out I had a bad cavity on the back of one of my front teeth, and they suggested a root canal. I haven't had the chance to get it done yet, so I've been dealing with the pain. I've been taking anything from Aleve to Ibuprofen to Tylenol, but Aleve and Ibuprofen especially bother me because I have ulcers. So I was fed up with taking this stuff, and I didn't want to ask for a prescription pain pill. I haven't been able to drink or eat anything with sugar because I have major pain when sugary stuff comes in contact with my teeth. So I replaced my usual sweetened tea with unsweetened. I've been brewing 1 small (teacup-sized) bag of black tea, and 2 small bags of green tea and just drinking it as is. I like my tea iced, but if you have sensitivity to cold, you could drink it just the same hot or room temperature. I am not sure if it is this particular combination of 1 black tea/2 green teas, or if it would work with any unsweetened fresh-brewed tea. But it definitely works. Over the last few days I've been drinking it and haven't had any pain really, then last night I ran out of the tea and woke up with horrible pain again this morning. So I made some more, and as soon as I took the first swallow, I felt no pain. Oh, and don't just drink it - swish it around your teeth a bit, particularly around the worst area of pain, before you swallow!

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My wife is having a toothache and I told her of this remedy that is called tea bagging and she slapped me!

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