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I have been dealing with scalp psoriasis for several years, only finding out last summer what the problem was. I've tried the Rx shampoos (VERY costly!!), the Neutragena, the store brand salacylic acid shampoos ... you name it! I've gotten two good suggestions from this forum ... fresh aloe vera and Dead Sea salts. I scraped out the insides of the aloe leaves into a blender, then used a meat flavor injector (needle removed!!)syringe to target the affected area. It worked very well. What has also helped me is Dead Sea Mud shampoo. Regular use of this shampoo has kept my condition down from severe to mild. One last suggestion: Natur-Leaf supplements. They regulate the immune system so that if your immune system is over-active it calms it down or under-active it boosts it. I hope you find this information useful.

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where do you get natur-leaf???


where can you find the dead sea mud shampoo and the natural leaf??

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