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for mouth ulcers switch toothpaste.
i had ulcers for years switched toothpaste several years ago and have not had one since.

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to/from what? that kind of matters


I suffered with mouth ulcers on and off for years (inherited susceptibility?). When they became constant--new one formed before old one faded--it became intolerable. A friend suggested I switch toothpastes to one without or with less SLS. I don't remember which is more harmful--Sodium Laurel Sulfate or S *Saureth* S. I had been using Colgate Total (no whitening) which really does keep your mouth feeling clean. I now use Peroxicare w/baking soda. I only occasionally get a mouth ulcer now--if I wound the inside of my mouth or perhaps too little sleep / too much stress.


Worked very well for me unlike everything else I've tried. The agonising pain is completely gone for an hour.

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