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Wow! Thank you so much - the clove oil really does work! I had a wisdom tooth out a week ago and gradually the pain became unbearable. Painkillers barely touched it, including some heavy duty ones my mum has - I tried these one night and still woke up in agony after 4 hours. In desperation, I decided to check out the net for possible remedies and found this page. I bought a bottle of clove oil and popped a few drops in the hole and hey presto! The pain has dropped from an all-consuming 9 to a barely-there 1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

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I too had a wisdom tooth pulled that turned into a dry socket. I found the Red Cross Kit for toothache with the clove oil included.They sell it at cvs or walgreens.I first cleaned the socket with salt water and then put the clove oil on the q-tip and put it in the socket. My goodness that same day I notice a new blood clot forming just what I had to have to start the healing process.It is the same thing a dentist will do.


I rarely take pain killers. I had a tummy tuck and never took the first one. However tonight I had such pain from having my wisdom teeth out that I have been crying for an hour. I took two aleve and got this red cross toothache kit from CVS.

OMG the pain is gone! The rest of my cheek is numb and my tongue is a bit sore, but that is fine as long as my jaw no longer feels broken!

Thank goodness for this site. I am actually going to be able to sleep tonight.

Thanks so much for this help. It was a lifesaver this evening!!!

Starving Tiffany

OMG, I am so glad I find this site! I got a wisdom tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and I am having the same problems. That sharp stabbing pain in my jaw that wakes me up from my sleep. I got it packed last Monday and everything was back to normal. I was able to eat semi-solids. Now the pain is back. I went yesterday and my dentist packed it again but this time its not helping. I am so tired of being drugged up on Percocet especially with three kids running through the house and a hungry husband. My friend told me about clove oil and she swears by it so I am going to have my husband stop on his way home to get me some clove oil. I can't wait. This pain is worse then having a baby, I swear. I feel like I am starving to death because I can't even open my mouth with out that sharp excruitating pain. I am was 149 pounds 5'7 2 weeks ago and I am now 136 pounds and very sick of Ensure. I can't wait for my clove oil!


THank you SO much for posting this, i got the clove oil in a small 5 dollar bottle from Shoppers Drugmart and it INSTANTLY relieved the pain i got from my dry socket, And to make matters worse when i had my wisdom tooth removed there was complications and i had to have a chunk of my jaw bone removed too, so when i got this dry socket, it meant my whole jaw bone was completely open to the air. Boy was i in a tremendous amount of pain. But when i got this clove oil this morning it immediately took that pain away! like its magic and i was on 3 different pain killer and they werent even helping. I strongly recommend this for dry sockets!!!

Yolanda - Ontario, CA

OMG I'm so thankful for your post. I broke a wisdom too and had it extracted on Tuesday. The root was curved and it made extraction very difficult. I have been in agony since Wednesday. I have taken more than the recommended dosages of Advil and Tylenol combined to no avail, the pain would return within three hours. I was afraid I would overdose or something. I sought web advise and went to the local Walgreens win the middle of the night Saturday in tears for the clove oil. I must have looked a hot mess, everyone was asking if I was alright. Within minutes of applying the clove oil, the pain subsided just like you said from extreme to barely there at all. You all are life savers. Thank you so much! Now I am not so fearful of having the other three removed in two weeks.


CLOVE OIL IS AWESOME pretty much it, have a deep cavity in my first bottom molar, just ran to shoppers and grabbed some works instantly! thanks errrbody

Alana K

I will also attest to the clove oil cure!
I got my wisdom teeth out four ears ago, but now and again my dry sockets act up. I was in excruciating pain for the past few days but it is a long weekend and wouldn't be able to get into a dentist until at earliest Tuesday morning (its Friday night. Got clove oil from shoppers and already feel better than I have in day. THANK YOU ALL


On my way to get some now! Never been in so much pain!

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