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My dentist told me my mouth ulcers were called 'aphthous ulcers' and that there is no known cause or cure. They are not Herpes. They are aggravated by stress and usually occur when there is some injury (like biting your tongue or cheek while eating).

I've tried topical steroid treatments prescribed by my dentist and they sometimes help a little. I've also tried a lot of the other things suggested here.

But the thing that helps the very most for me is SLEEP. If they are just starting, one really good night's sleep where I totally relax will make them go away. If they are in full force, then the same thing will make them start the healing process (where they don't hurt any more), but full healing takes 2-3 days. A real good night's sleep reduces stress and adrenaline production and I think just helps the body fight off whatever it is and heal up. The side affects are very pleasant as well. :-)

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I think this is the most reasonable and level-headed explanation and advice on this topic!


this is the majour cause as i think, i frequently suffer from this, many told me that its due to indigesion, but i think its due to less sleep.


Yes, if you sleep continuously for 2 weeks they will be totally gone.

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