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Ok so I've suffered from frequent yeast infections since I was 18 and I'm 25 now and it was not until I read the ideas listed on this site that I finally took the initiative to stop this condition from inflicting my body any longer. I took the tips I received from on here along with extensive medical research and my own knowledge of what I knew about yeast infections to take the following daily steps:

1. Every night I sleep with a tampon that has been soaked in garlic and apple cider vinegar (two anti-yeast ingredients)

2. Right before my daily shower I lie on my back with a towel underneath me to protect my bedsheets (or the floor) with a my vagina injected with a special formula that I created it which is a combinational cream of:

-olive oil, apple cider vinegar, chopped garlic, and all natural, organic soy yogurt from a natural food store.

This basically replaces Monistat which is just full of chemicals and extra crap your body does not need.

3. I shower my vagina only ONCE per day and when I do I clean it with a little bit of olive oil or again, the apple cider vinegar and rinse it off with hydrogen peroxide. No nasty soaps, no Dove, nothing but the purest form of cleansers.

My yeast infection is about 95% cleared up but it will be 100% when I stick to this regimen that I laid out.

This along with completely changing my diet is what has led my vagina to be the healthiest its been in 6 years! I eat as little sugar as possible (to say no sugar whatsoever is nearly impossible) I eat lots of foods with apple cider vinegar included in it, and have eliminated all chemicals and non-organic all natural ingredients that are in foods from my body including but not limited to:

-bleached flour
-lauryl saufate (from soaps)

Good luck ladies! My sex life has improved a lot! Let's get those flowers healthy again!

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How do you soak a tampon w/ garlic? Also was wondering if you could give more info as you say you have done extensive research. I am very interested in what you are describing. Esp about the chemicals you have listed.


I wanted to know how long this process took for you to feel better.


So do you only clean your vagina once a day with olive oil, the apple cider vinegar and rinse it off with hydrogen peroxide when you HAVE a yeast infection, or is this a everyday part of your life?

I just don't think that is very hygienic.


I am not putting chopped garlic in my cooch. That is rank.

Ismella B. Etterthanu

That is awful! I can't imagine how ur sex life has improved!?? U have to have the most horrible smelling vagina after following ur daily routine!!! bbblugghhh. No thnx, i'd rather have a yeast infection.


Haha the comment above me was pretty funny >.>

Anyways, you're all idiots if you tried this! I can imagine what your vag smells like....:U

Least vampires won't 'eat' that XD

My ex girl used to get yeasties all the time. But that was because she a dirty bitch >.>


If your ex is a dirty B**ch than so are you. Getting a yeast infection is very common and doesn't mean she is dirty. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about Stan and I can't imagine how you even ended up on this web page. What kind of guy would be looking online for cures to yeast infection. FREAK!!!!


lol to the one abpve me and she is right. n as for the garlic thing it is true. my doctor who happenes not to be originally frm here told me tht putting garlic up there will help, but its not a everyday thng. just wen u hv a yeasti.


lmao! XD you can get yeast infections from almost anything not for being dirty though! u can get it from antibiotics, stress and a crap load of other things. what a douche i bet he has the YEASTIES XD


right i get yeast infections when i take antibiotics for UTI's and i get UTI's from kidney stones. just because you have a yeast infection doesn mean your dirty do your homework STAN all you did was make an idiot out of yourself.

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