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Hello everyone,I have been having itching and pain in my ears for the past few days.They usually itch due to allergies,but this time around it's some type of ear infection because this pain has lasted a while and it is 4 a.m. in the morning.I woke up around 3 just miserable,so I decided to gargle some salt water-that kinda helped,but didn't open up my ear way and release swelling,so i decided to make some tea.While the tea was boiling,I drunk a cup of water,that helped drain my ear some.Finally my tea was done,so I let the tea brew in the cup.During that time I went to the remaining pot of water on the stove and put my face over it-to let the steam help drain any congestion up.My ear started feeling better,then my tea was fully done,I sipped while hot and my ear feels better...I'm ready for bed again.NOTE:When you have an ear infection or some type of ear congestion,keep your head upright so your ears can drain..Hope I helped.God bless you all!

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